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Genesis Technical & Financial Inc.
Genesis Group Inc.

(“Genesis”) was formed in 1994 as a private equity management company.  It started as a boutique due diligence, turnaround and interim executive management firm consisting of a group of seasoned executives with industry experience in commercial banking, private equity, workout and turnaround management, and CEO/COO/CFO positions, as well as accounting and IT. In the past, it has provided these services to major banks, insurance companies, hedge funds and the FDIC.

Today, Genesis is primarily focused on putting together private equity transactions for its own account, actively investing and becoming directly involved in and working with management.  Its market focus is both North America and China dealing with transactions that involve:


Water Testing & Remediation:


Acquiring at Discount:

Total Debt Restructures (“TDR’s”) & Debt to Equity Conversions. 

Genesis has a proven track record of turning around and operating companies resulting in substantial returns to the shareholders. Genesis will still consider becoming involved in new turnaround or equity start up transactions.